I am Laughlin Artz and I am a candidate for President of the United States.  Not because I'm better than anyone else, but because I am compelled to bring into the Presidential campaign something that is not being addressed and yet is critical to the future of our country and the world.

I am a New Yorker, I am an American, I am a global citizen with a real stake in the future of our country and our planet.  Like you, I see things that don't work and I wonder what I can do to make a difference.  This campaign was born in response to that question.    

The platform of the campaign is "It's Time."  It's time to get our attention off the content - the historical and current level of the political debate, and put it where it belongs, where it can make a critical difference: on context. 

Einstein said, "The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."

This campaign is a campaign to bring that kind of thinking to the critical issues facing the world today.  This is a campaign for a particular kind of new thinking - a thinking from the heart of the matter.  We are framing this larger campaign to make context a global priority inside a bid for the Presidency, providing an arena to examine current domestic and global issues - the same issues being discussed by the other candidates, but to examine and address them from a contextual perspective.

The other opportunity that the campaign for the Presidency affords is a forum to explore and critically examine the current condition underlying the whole business of politics in America today in a way that brings new kinds of thinking and action to an otherwise wholly predictable campaign cycle.

"A talent for speaking differently rather than arguing well is the chief instrument of cultural change." 

It's time for an entirely new vocabulary, not different sentences within the existing one.  It is this kind of dialogue that I/this campaign am/is out to instigate.  I don't have the answers. And whatever answers I or anyone else might come up with inside the prevailing condition in which we find ourselves won't make much difference anyway.

Our problem is not the issues themselves.  Our problem, the real dilemma is that the issues live for us in a way that provides an insufficient access to getting at the heart of the issues and making any real and lasting difference.  This campaign is designed to get at what underlies the issues that keeps them stuck in place, and that keeps us in a predictable cycle in our dealing with them.  This campaign exists to bring to light what is hidden beneath the surface of the issues that perpetuates them and leaves us powerless, left only to resort to more of the same deadeningly familiar fixes and changes.


The commitments of the Campaign are:

   1.   To make context a global priority, and

   2.   To empower the Individual to affect contextual change


The four planks of the platform are:

Authenticity : getting at the facts, unbiased and unclouded, with no "should" or "shouldn't", no blame, no excuses, no reasons why or why not - only what's real, what's true, what's so.

Integrity : honoring the word that is America

Access : getting underneath the symptom, explanation and expression of the issues; gaining access to the root cause

Say : the power as an Individual to carve out with language a new kind of future - the power to say and the say having power


The three stands that constitute the context of the Campaign are:

   1.   This is mine - ALL of it - we are not the 1%, we are not the 99%, we are the 100%

   2.   We are connected - everything I do directly affects you and everything you do directly affects me

   3.   Everything Matters - EVERYTHING


I don't have the answers; in fact, we're suggesting that answers are no longer sufficient.  However, as one of the world's leading experts and practitioners in contextual thinking and its application to social issues and concerns, I do have the right kinds of conversations to get at what's critical to everyone - the environment, the economy, civil unrest, etc. such that we can start to build a world of true workability. 


The point of this Campaign is the Campaign. The Campaign for Context.  It's time.